GNPC Recruitment Past Questions And Answer | PDF Download

The GNPC Recruitment past questions and answers is now available for easy download. This article provides you with procedure to get updated copy of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation past questions and answers which is now in a PDF format for easy download.

GNPC Recruitment Past Questions And Answer

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation is the state agency responsible for the exploration, licensing, and distribution of petroleum-related activities in Ghana.

GNPC is known as one of the highest paying job and this alone left them with a lot od applicant. Inorder the separate the best from the rest the agency have decided to subject all applicants to an intensive test which will determine who will be selected for the job.

Don’t panic, we got you covered with our latest and comprehensive GNPC Recruitment Past Questions And Answer which is now in an electronic format for easy download. Interest candidates are advised to cease this opportunity to grab a copy of this study material.

GNPC recruitment past question papers has the following areas contained in it.

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • English Language &
  • Mathematics

This study material is set to give you insight on how the exams looks like, prepare you ahead of time, give you an edge over others and increase your chances of getting the job.

If you encounter any difficulty trying to download this material, please leave a comment in the comment section. Oure agent will attend to it quickly. Below are samples of this study pack and procedure to download the full PDF copy.

How to Download GNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions

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Samples of this study material

1. What is the dominant component of natural gas?
a. Oxygen
b. Hydrogen
c. Methane
d. Nitrogen

2. ___________ is steel pipe that screws together and is lowered into the hole after drilling is complete.
a. Flow Line
b. Surface Pipe
c. Casing
d. Tubing

3. What is the name of the equipment pictured to the right?
a. Blowout Preventer
b. Gate Valve
c. Containment Dike
d. Flow Line

4. Who is the oil well firefighter made famous in the 1968 film Hellfighters starring John Wayne?
a. Red Buttons
b. “Boots” Hansen
c. “Coots” Matthews
d. Red Adair

5. What country was the top oil producing country in 2015?
a. Saudi Arabia
b. Russia
c. United States
d. China

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