Download Complete Nigeria Airforce (NAF) Past Questions and Answers

You can now download the full pdf of Nigerian Airforce past questions and answers here if you want to seat for the up coming Nigeria Airforce entrance examination. NAF Past questions and answers are now available for easy download.

Nigerian Airforce Past questions And Answers

With this  you get an insight of how the exams goes and help you maximize your time when sitting for the exams. NOTE: you have just 1 hour for the  exams with a total of 100 questions in all.

Our studymaterials (Nigerian Airforce Past Questions and Answers) helps you know how the exams are patterned. Nigerian Airforce Past Questions and Answers is not just a random material but a careful compilation from Nigerian Airforce previous exams.

This material covers questions from;

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affairs

25 questions will be coming on mathematics, 25 from English and 50 from general current affairs which sums up to 100 in total and all questions to be answered within 1hour.

Goodnews, all the questions in this material (NAF Past Questions and Answers) have been carefully answered leaving you without stress and it have been proven over the years that these questions have 60% chances of repeating.

By practicing over and over again with these tests, you will know what to expect; improve your speed and confidence; and be really prepared for the actual test. Grab a copy now and be thankful you did.

Below are the laid down procedures on how to download the full pdf and some sample questions.

Sample Questions

1. The June 12 Presidential Election was annulled by President Ibrahim Babangida on
A) June 12, 1993
B) June 14, 1993
C) June 18, 1993
D) June 23, 1993
E) June 27, 1993

2. Gombe State belongs to the ______ geo-political Zone in Nigeria.
A) South East
B) South West
C) North Central
D) North East
E) North West

3. The full meaning of OECD is
A) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
B) Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
C) Organization of Economic Community and Development
D) Organization for Economic Community and Development
E) Order of the Economic Community and Development

4. Paparada Square is in
A) Ilorin
B) Lokoja
C) Kaduna
D) Lagos
E) Sokoto

5. The former Eastern Region was proclaimed a sovereign nation, Biafra by Odumegu Ojukwu on
A) May 30, 1967
B) June 15, 1966
C) April 6, 1968
D) January 10, 1965
E) April 21, 1969

6. Obanta’s statue is located in
A) Abeokuta
B) Ibadan
C) Ogbomoso
D) Ilorin
E) Ijebu Ode

7. The Kruger National Park is in
A) South Africa
B) Tunisia
C) Cameroon
D) Poland
E) U.S.

8. The official residence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations is in
A) Washington DC, United States
B) New York City, United States
C) the Birmingham United Kingdom
D) Atlanta Georgia, United States
E) London

9. Dar es Salaam is the capital of
A) Tunisia
B) Turkey
C) Zimbabwe
D) Sudan
E) Tanzania

10. Shanga and Kyenga are ethnic groups in
A) Sokoto State
B) Bauchi State
C) Niger State
D) Kwara State
E) Borno State

11. FESTAC started in
A) October 1976
B) October 1978
C) November 1977
D) November 1978
E) June 1979

12. Which of these was never Senate President in Nigeria?
A) Iyocha Ayu
B) Chuba Okadigbo
C) Pius Anyim
D) Ameh Ebute
E) Umaru Dikko

13. Which of these was once President of Libya?
A) Omar al-Bashir
B) Hosni Mubarak
C) Muammar Gaddafi
D) Moncef Marzouki
E) Mohamed Boudiaf

14. Liberia’s former interim President was
A) Samuel Doe
B) William Tolbert
C) Amos Sawyer
D) Charles Taylor
E) Lt. Gen. Hezekiah Bowen

15. The internationally recognized capital of Israel is
A) Tel Aviv
B) Jerusalem
C) Damascus
D) Baghdad
E) Tehran

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