Landmark University JAMB Cut Off Mark 2024/2025

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) cut-off marks significantly determine admission into Nigerian universities. It serves as a benchmark to assess the eligibility of candidates seeking admission. In this context, we’ll explore the basics of JAMB cut-off marks for universities.

Institutional Autonomy: While JAMB sets a general cut-off mark, it’s important to note that individual universities have the autonomy to set their specific cut-off marks. Some universities may choose to adopt the JAMB general cut-off mark, while others may set higher cut-off marks based on the competitiveness of their courses and the number of available slots.

Admission Criteria: JAMB scores are just one aspect of the admission criteria. Universities may consider additional factors, including post-UTME scores, O’level results, and other specific requirements for different courses. It’s essential for candidates to familiarize themselves with the admission policies of the universities they are applying to.

Landmark University Cut-Off Mark 2024

The management of Landmark University has released the cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 admission year. Prospective students are advised to read this article to see the cut-off marks applicable to their preferred course of study; this will enable them to prepare and ace the cut-off marks.

It is very important for candidates aspiring for admission at a particular university to know the cut-off mark for their preferred course of study.

Knowing the cut-off mark for their preferred course of study gives candidates exposure to how much preparation they need to put in to stand a chance of being admitted into their university of choice.

The cut-off mark for Landmark University is 180 and above. What this means is that students who attain a score of 180 or more in the JAMB examination stand a high chance of being admitted into Landmark University.

Aside from the JAMB cut-off mark, there is also the departmental cut-off mark; this is a cut-off mark set by each department. The departmental cut-off may sometimes be higher than the JAMB cut-off marks due to the fact that the course is a competitive one.

This means that the more competitive a course is, the higher the cut-off mark. Read below for details on the cut-off marks for each of the courses offered at Landmark University.

Landmark University Departmental Cut-Off Mark 2024

School of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Extension and Economics 180 and above
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 180 and above
Agricultural Economics 180 and above
Animal Science 180 and above
Crop and Soil Sciences 180 and above
Food Science and Nutrition 180 and above
School of Business
Economics 180 and above
Accounting 180 and above
Business Administration 180 and above
Banking and Finance 180 and above
School of Social Sciences
Economics 180 and above
Political science 180 and above
Sociology 180 and above
International relations 180 and above
Mass communication 180 and above
School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Industrial Physics 180 and above
Industrial Chemistry 180 and above
Industrial Mathematics 180 and above
Computer Science 180 and above
Biochemistry 180 and above
Microbiology 180 and above
Geophysics 180 and above
School of Engineering
Chemical Engineering 180 and above
Electrical & Information Engineering   180 and above
Civil Engineering 180 and above
Mechanical Engineering 180 and above
Agricultural and Bio-system Engineering 180 and above
Mechatronics Engineering 180 and above
In the table above are the cut-off marks for all the courses offered at Landmark University; candidates should confirm the cut-off marks for their preferred course and ensure that they ace the cut-off marks. Good luck to all candidates!


Conclusion: Understanding JAMB cut-off marks is crucial for prospective university students. It serves as a guide to assess eligibility and navigate the competitive admission process. Aspiring candidates should stay informed about the latest developments, adhere to the admission criteria set by universities, and prepare diligently to meet or exceed the required cut-off marks.




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